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Engineering and Technology Transfer Packages

We provide customers with C1 Engineering and Technology Transfer Packages including  research& development, equipment designs, process optimization solutions, plant and process designs,  and development of operating procedures. As of January 2019, we have entered into 22 SEG™ technology transfer contracts with a total capacity of nearly 8 million tons per year. Among them, Xinjiang Tianye Phase I and Phase II and YQCIG Shouyang have been placed into operation and are operating efficiently, earning trust and high praise from owners.

Technical consulting services for process design

• Theoretical training and operational training for carbonylation and hydrogenation units

• Process inspection of operational units

• Pre-startup preparation guidance 

• Optimization of operational process to reduce cost and energy consumption

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Process optimization service

According to the condition of the device, we optimize production operations in cooperation with the owner
Large-scale process improvement
Introduction and implementation of new process
Energy saving, consumption reducing, and effective use of byproducts

HighChem  Expertise

  • We provide an optimal project management program for customers to cope with any issues encountered during operation startup.
  • We work with customers to stay at the forefront of technology with continuous efforts in process improvements and optimizations.
  • We provide one-stop engineering consulting and technical Q&A service from initial design to final stage of operation.
  • With a wealth of practical design and operational experience, we provide the highest quality on-site startup services.

SEG™ Footprint

  • Qianxi Coal Chemical Investment Co., Ltd
    Qianxi Coal Chemical Investment Co., Ltd
    300,000 ton/yr CTEG ® unit is expected to go into operation in early 2018.
  • Lijin Lihuayi Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.
    Lijin Lihuayi Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.
    200,000 ton/yr CTEG ® unit is expected to go into operation in late October 2017.
  • Tianying Petrochemical
    Tianying Petrochemical
    100,000 ton/yr CTEG unit is set to go into full operation in early 2018.
  • CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang Co., Ltd.
    CNSG Anhui Hong Sifang Co., Ltd.
    Process design for 300,000 ton/yr CTEG ® unit has been completed and full operation starts in early 2018.
  • YQCIG Shouyang
    YQCIG Shouyang
    200,000 ton/yr CTEG ® unit started operation in November 2016 with output of high-grade ethylene glycol reaching above 95%.
  • Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Xinjiang Tianye (Group) Co., Ltd.
    Phase I , (50,000 ton/yr CTEG ® unit) started test run in end of 2012. In the first year of operation, CTEG ® plant reached an annual output of 44,000 tons, and the average annual load reached 105%. Phase II (200,000 ton/yr CTEG ® unit) started successfully in February 2015 and has been running stably with an average annual load reaching 105%.