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Planning & Operation of Chemical Industry Park

HighChem advances cooperation in coal-to-gas, coal-to-liquids, and other coal processing technologies to promote the development in deep processing of coal in China. In recent years, Chinese government puts great emphasis on energy saving, emission control, and environmental sustainability.  Building eco-industry parks is an important strategic move in compliance with environmental policies and achieving regional sustainable development. With the establishment of pilot scale eco-industry parks, significant economic and environmental benefits came along with a better understanding in the concept of “eco-industry” and “cyclic economy”. 

In response to this transition in chemical industry, HighChem explores the ecological industry approaches suitable for Chinese market, and promotes the development of an integrated upstream and downstream technology system. In the Yulin area in Shaanxi ,with its abundant coal reserves, HighChem designed the most suitable technical route for an integrated industry park through detailed evaluation of  technologies among Japanese chemical enterprises. 

Based on customer needs, local resources, and a combination of Chinese and Japanese technical advantages, HighChem eliminates the sharp conflict between environment and development present in the integrated industry park. Through this effort, HighChem opens up a new development direction for traditional  coal based industrial system : natural resources → high-performance products and supplies → renewable resources.

Sales & Logistics Support

With nearly 30 years of experience in chemical trade between China and Japan, HighChem Group operates branch locations in China with a marketing network presence throughout China; HighChem is engaged in the technology licensing business and can provide customers with product transportation and sale services. In addition, HighChem can provide customers with procurement service for equipment and instrumentations required by operation standards.

SEG™ Joint Ventures

As the first SEG™ transfer project with natural gas as raw material , HighChem collaborated with customers as a shareholder. Tianying Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) signed a SEG™ Technology License Contract with HighChem for a  300,000 ton/yr  ethylene glycol project (Phase I: 150,000 tons/year). 

Beijing Booming HighChem Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of HighChem group,  was responsible for SEG™ technology licensing, catalyst supply, and quality assurance.