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Yulin Coal Chemical Industry Park

Working together with the Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group along with many other well-known Japanese chemical companies, HighChem is actively involved in the planning of a comprehensive coal-based C1 chemical industry park in China.

Construction site is set to be in Yulin area in Shaanxi Province. With coal as raw material, the industry park carries out synthesis of gas and olefin, and produces ethylene glycol, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyethylene, 1-hexane, acrylic acid, butyl octanol, acrylate, terephthalic acid, polyester, polystyrene, superabsorbent resin, and many other products.
1. Resource advantage
Rich coal reserves, and fine coal quality with great cost competitiveness
Shanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group hold several 10 million-ton mines in Yulin area
2.Geographical advantage
Located in central China, Shaanxi Province enjoys an advantageous geographical location linking the eastern and western regions as the starting point of the Belt and Road Initiative.;
Centered around Xi’an within a 600 km radius, it covers seven provinces with nearly 300 million people, This area has a great market potential as an existing production hub for textiles industry and vehicles manufacturing with a production capacity of 300 million per year.